Initial beam parameters

Elekta MLCi (PRIMO version
Alessandro Esposito1, Miguel Rodriguez2, Lorenzo Brualla3
1Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, Australia
2Centro M├ędico Paitilla, Panama
3Westdeutsches Protonentherapiezentrum Essen, Germany

Note: A publication will appear shortly with the complete study of these initial beam parameters.

Suggested initial beam parameters. Please note that other combinations of initial energy, FWHM of the energy, FWHM of the focal spot size and beam divergence can lead to equivalent or better results.

Elekta initial beam parameters

Gamma analysis for reference fields 2x2, 10x10 and 40x40 cm2. Reference data set: experimental data. Evaluated data set: PRIMO simulation with initial beam parameters given in the table above.

Gamma analysis reference field 2x2 cm2

Gamma analysis for reference field 10x10 cm2

Gamma analysis for reference field 40x40 cm2