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  • To download PRIMO version 0.3.(64-32).1814 with the related examples click here.

This version simulates IMRT and VMAT plans, and computes dose distributions from Varian's Dynalog files. In addition to PENELOPE, it includes DPM for the fast Monte Carlo simulation of treatments. Elekta linacs are not supported.

There is only a 64 bit installer file for this version.

If you want to take a peek at the User's Manual for this version, click here

A set of video tutorials for this version can be found in the YouTube PRIMO channel. New videos will be added to the channel.

  • To download PRIMO version with the related examples click here.

This version supports Elekta linacs. IMRT, VMAT and DPM are not supported.

If you want to take a peek at the User's Manual for this version, click here

To get the Quick Start Guide for this version, click here

Only one version can be installed in a given computer. Two versions of PRIMO cannot coexist in the same computer.

To view the historical changes of all versions click here